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Checks need to be written in favor of ‘Roof For A Child’. Also, please provide your email address for tax receipts. 

Mail a check to the following address or give it to one of our RFAC volunteers.

Roof For A Child
51 Fresh Ponds Rd, Jamesburg NJ 08831

In case of any questions, please email us by clicking 'Contact Us' link at the top or call us at +1 (732) 261 3113.


‘Friends Social Transformation Network’ is a registered 501(c)(3) organization. Tax deduction receipts will be sent at the end of the year. Please reach out to us if you would like receipts earlier by email.

“Roof for a Child” is a campaign conducted by “Friends Social Transformation Network”.


Mission Statement:

Friends Social Transformation Network (FSTN) was created to provide support to  disadvantaged and abused communities with educational, spiritual, shelter, clothing and medical & health supplies to bring transformation among the needy people around the world.

Currently, we conduct a campaign called 'Roof for a Child' to educate children in remote rural communities by providing them food and shelter, and sending them to good neighboring schools.